Economy and Jobs

Pennsylvania and the United States is enjoying one of the most dynamic economic growth periods in decades.  Republican Leadership and America First values have leveled the playing field with respect to foreign competition.  Here in Western PA we have seen first hand the remarkable growth and how it has impacted our local industries.  Steel, coal, energy are all vibrant parts of our economy and a strong Western PA is integral with the success of the United States.  I believe in common sense pro-growth policies and most importantly I believe American industry dominates the world when not hamstrung by 'globalist' policies that are nothing more than anchors on our families.  I'm a small businessman who has first hand experience on how a tax code can impact the backbone of our country.  We need to encourage small business opportunity and lay a foundation to help these businesses start off on a path to success!

National Security & Defense

As a proud veteran I'm an advocate for a strong military that commands respect around the world and is a deterrent towards those who would harm our nation.  We need our military to be at the leading edge of technological achievement.  We need our Defense community to have the tools necessary to not only protect us on the battlefield, but to have the resources that support the use of intelligence operations to be proactive in seeking out those who mean to do us harm.  I'm also highly interested in looking at some of our intelligence agencies and reviewing their methods of gathering information on our fellow citizens.  While we need to have the resources to gain information on foreign threats, we can never do so at the expense of our civil liberties.

Energy Independence

The United States needs a comprehensive energy policy that will allow us to utilize foreign sources of energy when advantageous, yet able to rely on our own resources when necessary.  This includes legislative policies that help us responsibly manage the resources within our borders as well as providing incentives that encourage the development of alternative sources.  Pennsylvania is blessed with tremendous deposits of coal, oil and natural gas.  Policies that allow the harvesting of these resources while protecting the beauty of our Commonwealth are in everyone's best interest.

Legislative Initiatives

I have always believed you rarely are able to pass laws that force behavior.  Rather I believe we should decide what our common goals are, and then write legislation that encourages behavior towards achieving those goals.  Regressive tax codes, layers of bureaucracy, countless government agencies utilizing antiquated equipment and policies are all detriments to progress.  We keep adding law upon law and we rarely see the Congress reviewing and ultimately repealing outdated and failed policies.  With respect to specific initiatives, Western PA is in dire need of infrastructure enhancements.  Bridges, tunnels, roads that last more than one winter are critical.  As an expert in aviation I want to look at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  We have a facility that is world class, yet is massively underutilized.  I will be exploring avenues that allow the full resources of the Pittsburgh airport to be utilized for our collective benefit.  


As a nation, I believe we have largely failed our veterans.  To those who advocate for socialized medicine, I would challenge them to ask a veteran how well it works for them.  In the United States the tax code is often used to reward and encourage behavior.  I believe we should use our tax code to provide further relief and quite frankly, a 'Thank you' to our veterans!  However the most criminal act we've committed against our servicemen and women is the fact you can spend a career in the service, raise a family - however if the military member dies, the retirement pay is eliminated for the surviving spouse.  Our spouses take on the task of raising our families alone while we're deployed.  They mostly spend their time working to provide support to the military member, not their own career.  Sadly, they are left hanging with often nothing but Social Security when the member passes.  I intend to change this law and it will be one of my top priorities!

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