Economy and Jobs

Government needs to reduce taxes and regulations on our small businesses and working families to allow our economy to grow.  Pennsylvania needs to become the most competitive state in the Northeast to attract new jobs and companies from high tax states like New York and New Jersey.

Republican leadership that puts America first has leveled the playing field with foreign competition and must continue.  Steel, technology, medical research and energy are all vibrant parts of the western Pennsylvania economy and must be protected through common sense pro-growth policies, secure borders and fair trade.  As a small businessman, I have first-hand experience on how our tax code and government policies will make a difference for our country.  We must encourage small business opportunity and lay a foundation to help these businesses be successful.

National Security & Defense

As a proud Air Force veteran, I’m an advocate for a strong military that commands respect around the world and serves as a deterrent towards those who would harm our nation.  We must have a military that is on the cutting edge of technological advancement to have the tools our military needs to be protected and win on the battlefield when called. 

I am also deeply concerned with protecting our liberties and believe we must look at our intelligence agencies to review their methods of gathering information on our fellow citizens.  While we need and must have the resources to gain information on foreign threats, we can never do so at the cost of our civil liberties.  Our defense and intelligence agencies must be non-political and kept out of domestic politics.

Energy Independence

The United States needs a comprehensive energy policy that will allow us to utilize foreign sources of energy when advantageous, yet able to rely on our own resources when necessary.  This includes legislative policies that help us responsibly manage the resources within our borders as well as providing incentives that encourage the development of alternative sources.  Pennsylvania is blessed with tremendous deposits of coal, oil and natural gas.  Policies that allow the harvesting of these resources while protecting the beauty of our Commonwealth are in everyone's best interest.


I fully support President Trump’s tough stand on dealing with unfair trade practices, particularly his focus on China and scrapping the Trans Pacific Partnership.  I will not support any trade agreements that will be detrimental to western Pennsylvania’s energy and manufacturing industries.  Conor Lamb has been silent on trade.  A Congressman from our district needs to be a strong voice on this issue


We must encourage strong families and communities across America like we have here in western Pennsylvania.  I will support a tax code that gives incentives for adoption and a higher deduction for children to give working families a break.  You can count on me to be a strong voice for traditional values by supporting strong criminal penalties against domestic abuse, sex crimes and drug use. 

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe we need a criminal justice system that is more concerned with victims and protecting the public than in releasing dangerous criminals who may or may not be a further danger to our families and communities.  Our families and neighborhoods must be protected from violent criminals.


I will stand strong against those who wish to legalize dangerous drugs.  With our youth in crisis we must take a stand to help them.  I support increasing prison time for drug dealers, especially those convicted of dealing heroin and other hard drugs.  We must make sure that rehabilitation is available for the addicted to so they can rebuild their lives and families.  Our borders must be secure to cut off the supply from organized crime cartels.  Strong and compassionate leadership on this issue can make a difference and save lives.


I support comprehensive reform that includes barriers to entry and deportation of criminals and those who have disobeyed our immigration laws.  The current system must be governed by the rule of law since our current Congress and Conor Lamb have decided to play politics with the lives of the American people instead of getting the job done.  Current laws must be enforced and “open borders” are a failure of government to deliver safety to our citizens.  The massive flow of illegal drugs and high criminal and gang activity that is caused by this lawlessness in our immigration system must be stopped.  I will support our law enforcement and ICE to enforce the law as well as support cutting off all federal resources to “sanctuary cities” that endanger American citizens.

Health Care

Those who are happy with their private insurance should be able to keep their insurance.  We must also lower the cost of prescription drugs while maintaining the ability to research for new cures.  I will also protect those with pre-existing conditions.

Conor Lamb and the leftist extremists in Congress are pushing free health insurance for illegal aliens that would cost Americans billions of dollars in higher premiums, endanger MediCare and stop the research and innovation in our healthcare industry which is a foundation of western Pennsylvania’s economy.  Lamb has taken a fortune in campaign donations from PACS to hide his extreme agenda for a takeover of our healthcare system.

I will support expanding research for finding new cures for disease at both NIH and in the private sector.  Democrats like Lamb are more concerned with making political points than in protecting and expanding upon the achievements of our medical system, of which Pittsburgh has been at the forefront of.  I will provide the long term vision for better health care that Conor Lamb lacks.

Transportation and Infrastructure

I will support a full and comprehensive long term transportation and infrastructure program that focuses on road and highway repair and expansions, bridge repairs and technological infrastructure investments that enhance our advantages in technology.   Areas that have seen population growth must have roads that are safe and efficient.  Also, as an expert in aviation, I will focus on Pittsburgh International Airport to bring more economic vitality and jobs to our region.  We have a world class facility that is massively under-utilized.  Conor Lamb has refused to get the job done on infrastructure.


I will support including environmental projects in a comprehensive infrastructure program.  The will include grants and project support for state and local parks as well as increasing hunting and fishing lands.  This will improve the environment, enhance our quality of life and increase opportunities for our youth to engage in outdoor activities for better health. 

Legislative Initiatives

I have always believed you rarely are able to pass laws that force behavior.  Rather I believe we should decide what our common goals are, and then write legislation that encourages behavior towards achieving those goals.  Regressive tax codes, layers of bureaucracy, countless government agencies utilizing antiquated equipment and policies are all detriments to progress.  We keep adding law upon law and we rarely see the Congress reviewing and ultimately repealing outdated and failed policies.  

Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment and will protect the law abiding citizen.  They have a right to protect their family and property by exercising their constitutional rights.  Conor Lamb shamelessly runs TV ads to pretend he supports the Second Amendment while taking money to pay for those ads from radical gun confiscation PACS and politicians.  You will always know where I stand and that is with law abiding citizens and the constitution.

Keeping Men Out of Women's Athletics and Their Bathrooms

Conor Lamb proudly supports and co-sponsored radical legislation that allows biological men to compete in competitive women’s sports if they “Identify” themselves as a woman.  We must also keep political correctness out of our bathrooms to make sure women and girls are protected and feel safe.  Lamb is wrong to join with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, San Francisco radicals and Nancy Pelosi in co-sponsoring this bill.  Instead of focusing on jobs, infrastructure and health care, Conor Lamb has become an activist for radical causes.

Supporting Our Veterans

America owes a huge debt of gratitude to our nation’s bravest.  Because of their sacrifices we have safety and liberty here at home.  I am honored to have served with so many great Americans who love our country.  We must keep the Veterans Administration accountable while giving veterans improved healthcare options with greater tax and education benefits.

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